Koden HachimanRyu Jissen BattoJutsu

Representative Director

宗主 濱本久男 岱龍

Master ( Soshu ) Hisao Hamamoto DaiRyu


The representative director of Koden HachimanRyu Jissen BattoJutsu Hamamotoden BattoKai and the 14th successor of Okinawa MugaiRyu MushoKai.

● Training

Master Hamamoto leads the instruction of the 12 waza of Koden HachimanRyu Jissen BattoJutsu as his ancestral legacy. There are 1)Jyumonji 2)Nuki-Hidarikirisage 3)Nuki-Migikirisage 4)Hidari-Hien 5)Migi-Hien 6)Hidari-Maeatari 7)Migi-Maeatari 8)Hidari-Rentachi 9)Migi-Rentachi 10)Gorantou 11)Ranpatou 12)Mukoutuke in 12 waza.

Originating from the mariners who roamed the East China Sea around Kyushu between the 13th century and the 16th century, this discipline was handed down to Hamamoto from his ancestors.

Apprentices learn to cut a variety of patterns using a real sword (after ascetic exercises), including:

katate nukiuchi
one-handed cut
katate siho
four winds one-handed cut
ryoute roppou giri
six winds two-handed cut
suemono giri makko nidan, sandan, yondan
two, three and four figurine front cut
kesa giri nihon, sanbon
two and three figurine crosswise cut

Master Hamamoto also provides instruction in mugairyu kata, which originates from the Edo era in mainland Japan. Apprentices normally do kata based exercises, including the sitting technique suwari waza, the standing technique tachi waza and the wooden sword fighting technique kumitachi. There is also a straw target cutting session tameshi giri on Saturday every month.

Master Hamamoto and his apprentices place great emphasis on building skills through daily exercise, and Hamamoto especially believes in a great deal of practice swinging a wooden sword or a real sword.

There are apprentices from Sweden, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries in Koden HachimanRyu Jissen BattoJutsu, who constantly train under Hamamoto's samurai spirit and BattoJutsu with Japanese apprentices.

●HachimanRyu 12waza

● Training times and location

Every Saturday & Sunday 9:00〜12:00 13:30〜16:30 17:00〜19:30

1F "Kenritsu Budokan", 52 Onoyama-cho, Naha City, Okinawa, Japan

HachimanRyu headquarters in Okinawa samuraihamamoto@gmail.com

● Branch

Tokyo branch: Takaki Shigekawa (Renshi 6-dan)

Every Saturday or Sunday 17:00〜19:30

3F "Tokyo Budokan", 3-20-1 Ayase, Adachi-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

HachimanRyu Tokyo branch hachimanryutokyo@gmail.com

●Admission fee

No admission fee is required.

● Training fee

3,000 yen per month

● Visitors

Visitors are permitted to observe or to participate.

● Enrolment

Please contact us:

HachimanRyu headquarters in Okinawa samuraihamamoto@gmail.com

News & Topics

●Schedule of Tameshi-giri in 2018●

Next Tameshi-giri

March 10th

*All day will be taken place from 9:00am at 1F Kenritsu Budokan, 52 Onoyama-cho Naha-City.


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